Pit Viper The 2000’s Collection

Pit Viper The 2000's Collection

Pit Viper The 2000s Collection

You’ve probably heard about the pit viper The 2000’s and wondered whether you should get them or not. The Pit Viper 2000 sunglasses are a premium offering with stiffer frames and clearer lenses. They’re the perfect blend between the original and doublewide styles, and are available in both gold and grass fed caviar colors. If you’re in the market for a new pair of Pit Vipers, you’ve come to the right place.

Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000

Pit Viper is a brand that offers a diverse range of styles, from classic to edgy. From sports enthusiasts to fashionistas, they have a style to suit your lifestyle. And with Pit Viper, quality is guaranteed – no scratched lenses or broken frames. Pit Viper carnivore also offers an excellent money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. Whether you want to protect your eyes from the sun or have fun in the park, you’ll find something to suit your tastes and budget.

Pit Viper sunglasses are great for both summer and winter sports. They are made with 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses and reflective orange lenses for optimum protection. Their adjustable temples give you total adjustment, allowing you to tilt them upwards, downwards, or inwards. And they can even fit in a pocket. And because they’re so durable and versatile, Pit Viper sunglasses make the perfect choice for any activity or look.

Pit Viper The Playmate 2000

The pure fun and style of Pit Viper playmate 2000’s collection glasses is hard to beat. They demand respect and are virtually unbreakable. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing designs, the Playmate glasses also boast improvements to the temples and nose bridge for added comfort. They offer ANSI Z87+ protection, which means they are made to stand up to the toughest of play conditions.

The Playmate evokes a macaw or sunglass. They whisper to you that you want to celebrate. With the ANSI Z87+ safety rating, the Playmate has roomier fit and turbo adjustment areas. The Playmate is ideal for those who want to party in style and safety. These sunglasses are made of a lightweight and durable material, making them perfect for the rigors of extreme sports.

Pit Viper The Leonardo 2000

Originally founded by Chuck Mumford, Pit Viper Worldwide is a company that produces sunglasses for the rugged lifestyle. Designed to resist the elements, these sunglasses offer the perfect combination of style and performance. Their trademark double-barreled browbars provide excellent coverage and a stylish look that will keep you looking sharp. With a variety of frame colors to choose from, Pit Viper sunglasses offer the perfect look for a rugged or outgoing lifestyle.

Pit Viper leonardo 2000’s glasses are the premium model. They feature Goldilocks Fit Technology, the stiffest frame and the clearest lens. These glasses come in non-polarized and polarized lenses. A pair of Pit Viper 2000’s sunglasses can cost upwards of USD$250, depending on your style and budget. They also feature the most color choices, ranging from black to red.

Pit Viper nose piece

If you’ve bought a Pit Viper, you know that it comes with a wire core ear piece that you can bend to fit any schnoz. While it might not look like much, the ear piece does a lot to protect your ear and keep it in place. Not only that, but it also comes with an adjustable neck band and a storage case. If you’ve been using Pit Vipers for years, you should definitely consider purchasing a new Pit Viper nose piece.

The technical specifications are extensive, with Pit Viper glasses being comfortable to wear in nearly any situation. From childbirth to skiing, mountain biking to high-stakes Texas Hold ‘Em, from mow-your-lawn to throwing paper airplanes, these glasses can handle anything you throw their way. Whether you’re out partying with friends or playing high-stakes Texas Hold’em, a Pit Viper will make you look cooler than ever.