Pit Viper Sunglasses For Skiing and Snowboarding

Pit Viper sunglasses

Pit Viper sunglasses for ski and snowboarding are becoming a trend in the fashion world. Pit Viper started as a tightly knit team of ski bums working their butts off to put forward a high quality, high energy, high sex appeal set of sunglasses out into the world. And we’ve done everything we can to keep that spirit alive. If you’re looking for quality eye protection, these Pit Viper are the ones for you. Some people wear their Pit Vipers out during the winter to protect their eyes from the harsh white snow. For all of the benefits associated with Pit Vipers, there are also some negative aspects that you may want to be aware of before you buy.

Pit Vip sunglasses for ski

Features of Pit Viper sunglasses

Pit Vip sunglasses for ski
Pit Vip sunglasses for ski

One of the most important things to know about UV rays is that they cannot read by the human eye. Anyone who is wearing one will have no problem telling you that their eyes are not perfectly clear. This is because the lenses of these sunglasses use of polarized lenses that are so thick. When a person wears them, the light that reaches the eyes goes through the polarized lenses and then back into the eye. Because of this, if someone needs to read the UV filter on the sunglasses, the person’s eyes would have trouble seeing anything outside of the top of the lens.

Another important feature of these sunglasses is that they are not water resistant. Many people will purchase these sunglasses simply because they say that they are. The truth is, if you are going outside on a sunny day, your eyes may start to hurt after a while. If you constantly wear Pit Vipers that are not waterproof, then you are only slowing down the damage to your eyes by exposing them to rain or the ocean. While there are some people who may find this to be a nuisance, it is important to know that your Pit Vipers are not going to destroy by water. They will still work as well as any other sunglasses that are designed to be water resistant.

Pit Viper sunglasses for ski

The frame of the Pit Viper sunglasses for ski goggles may also be susceptible to being scratched in various areas. Their wide screen will totally protect your eyes from sunlight, dust and little insects while taking a walk with your family, cycling around your favourite places or hiking up a snow-covered mountain. It is best to be aware of this problem and to make sure that you do whatever necessary to keep them in good condition.

They will give you an amazing style while protecting your eyesight. Thanks to their wide screen, you’ll have a great peripheral vision and very high protection against sunrays, particles and insects floating or flying in the air. Not specifically for cycling, these glasses can be worn on an everyday basis.

Polarized lens on the Pit Vipers

The polarized lens on the Pit Vipers for ski goggles is something else that many people enjoy. This attractive model stands over for its polarized lens that will protect your sight and remove the annoying sunlight reflections. Also, these glasses will let you see the colours around you much more accurately! Although this may not seem like such a big deal, it can really matter on different types of surfaces. Some people may find that they can see the bottom of some slopes or hills. Others will not notice the difference at all.

The price of Pit Vipers is something that most people will find to be appealing. They are reasonably cheap, and they will last a long time. This is something that is very important to many people. If they spend a lot of money on a pair of Pit Vipers, they will not have to replace them as often. While it is true that they may not be the best brand, they do offer high quality for a fair price.

Pit Vipers clear lens

The only real problem with Pit Vipers clear lens is that they tend to not 100% percent UV protected. Many people may have sunburn while wearing these sunglasses, but the manufacturer has tried hard to keep them from causing serious problems. Still, they do have a limited impact on preventing serious damage caused by UV rays. Many people find this to be an acceptable trade off, especially when their eyes are already burned from the sun.

Pit Vipers are great sunglasses for those who love the look and the versatility of them. They are affordable and durable, making them one of the best values for money when buying sunglasses for snowboarding. Stylish, performant and with a wild touch – this description will fit both these glasses and also you if you wear them. Thanks to their polarized lens, your eyes will 100% protected from UV sunlight and from the annoying reflections that take place when you cycle outside. They can fit everyone, as their arms adjust different face sizes and shapes. If they ever fall, won’t worry – they’re highly resistant!