Pit Viper Style Sunglasses Are Must-Have Accessory For Women

Pit Viper style sunglasses

If you are a fan of bright, colorful fashion, you’ll love these fashionable Pit Viper Style sunglasses. Featuring fluorescent red and blue lenses, these glasses are a must-have accessory. Yellow arms are adorned with red and blue dots. They look like they belong in a frat party, and they demand respect. However, if you don’t have the cash to buy such a pair, try to find them online.

Trendy sunglasses for women

The unique aesthetics and edgy designs of Pit Viper style sunglasses for women make them stand out amongst a sea of mainstream shades. The bright yellow and blue arms, mullet text and polarized lenses have a distinctly 90s frat-girl vibe. The pair’s name translates to “put your face in a pair!”

The mirrored lenses of Pit Viper sunglasses protect the eyes while the smoke-free look-through colour allows for maximum peripheral vision. This style has been marketed at women in order to appeal to their edgy side, but they are safe to wear, as the Pit Viper claims that its polarized lenses are scratch-proof and anti-fog free. The Pit Viper has even developed a pair of sunglasses with safety ratings for people on the go.

A pair of Pit Viper Trendy sunglasses for women offers protection from the sun. Their polarized lenses are ideal for ski and snowboarding, as well as other outdoor activities. They are lightweight, windproof and sandproof. The lenses feature a UV filter membrane. The frames are a single or double-wide style. The price tag is around $119 for a pair. While the price might seem expensive for some, the pair will suit the average wearer well.

Stylish sunglasses

A growing fad in sunglasses is Pit Viper styles. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company has been gaining popularity with its military-grade eyewear. The sunglasses are designed to demand respect with their sassy, neck-breaking style. The Pit Viper has also collaborated with several well-known celebrities to help promote their product. But, the Pit Viper hasn’t just become a popular fashion accessory, it’s also a part of the culture.

Stylish sunglasses feature a safety rating and are lightweight, despite their sexy design. They come in three different styles. All three pairs feature interchangeable ear and nose pieces and a side-view lens that prevents dust from entering the frame. They’re great for ultra-endurance sports, as they’re designed with a side-view lens. They also come in black with removable red side pieces and a grey look-through colour.

Pit Viper Absolute Freedom

The classic Pit Viper Double Wides come in many different colors and are adjustable in most cases. The Double Wides come in both polarized and non-polarized styles and offer a variety of adjustments and durability. A wide selection of color options makes these polarized and non-polarized sunglasses a favorite for many outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses, these are definitely worth a look.

The Pit Viper Absolute Freedom sunglasses are a very unique pair of sunglasses. The frames are black and feature yellow accents. They protect your eyes from the sun, dust, and insects, while also protecting your face from UV rays and other glare. There are even sibling models of the Absolute Freedom sunglasses, including the wildly popular 2000 Playmate model. These sunglasses feature polarized lenses which eliminate glare and improve your colour vision.

Pit Viper Exciters

Whether you love mountain sports, outdoor ice skating, or motor racing, the Pit Viper Exciters sunglasses are the ultimate blend of performance and style. These sunglasses are also an excellent choice for everyday use. Their three adjustment points and turbo-adjustable brow strap make them perfect for all outdoor activities. The anti-slip nose pads and rubber ear pads make them extremely comfortable to wear. They are designed to keep the lens close to the face, so they will not slip down your face.

The Smoke Show shades feature a grey look-through colour. Pit Viper claims that their Smoke Show sunglasses are certified as safety glasses. They’ll make you feel like a firefighter. The brown translucent colour turns you into a rally car driver or a runner in the Marathon des Sables, a six-day ultramarathon through the Sahara desert. The unique Pit Viper design can even make you feel like the life of the party.