Pit Viper Is A New Must-Have Cycling Accessory

Pit Viper Is A New Must-Have Cycling Accessory

Pit Viper Become the New MustHave Cycling Accessory

If you’ve ever wondered whether a pair of sunglasses can make the difference between a good ride and a bad one, Pit Viper cycling sunglasses are an excellent choice. These polarized sunglasses fit snugly over your eyes and are designed with interchangeable rubber arms to keep them from falling off even if you’re riding through fresh snow. You can also customize Pit Viper sunglasses with different nose pads and UV and polarized lenses.

Pit Viper exciters for cycling

If you’re into cycling and have been considering buying a pair of pit viper exciters, now is the time to do so. These eye protection glasses feature polarized lenses and side view technology. They’re ideal for both mountain and road bikes and will withstand the rigors of outdoor use. In addition to ensuring your safety and comfort, Pit viper exciters also look great.

In addition to protecting your eyes from glare and UV rays, Pit viper sunglasses also look good. These glasses will keep your eyes protected from the glare of the sun and have a stylish design that’s appropriate for riding. They’ll last for years, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing them. And because they’re made of the highest-quality materials, they will look great no matter where you’re riding.

In addition to the high-quality features of these products, the brand offers an impressive selection of colorful, stylish sunglasses. Unlike the standard black frames, these sunglasses stand out in any light. The logo is bold and emblazoned across the lenses, making them a popular option amongst cyclists. The lenses have a Z87+ impact rating, and they’re also made of polycarbonate, which offers UV protection.

Pit Viper Polarized cycling sunglasses

Pit Viper Polarized is the newest addition to the growing biker community. This brand is a mix of classic designs and newer styles that will suit both the hardcore sportsman and fashionista. With a guarantee against broken frames and scratched lenses, Pit Viper is becoming the new cycling accessory that everyone will want. For less than fifty dollars, this stylish accessory is a great value and will quickly become your must-have accessory.

With a design reminiscent of the 1990s, Pit Viper has become a hot favorite for many riders. Their large frames, light-weight construction, and playful marketing strategy have helped them become the must-have cycling accessory. The Pit Viper glasses are made in China and Taiwan, and the company has a military discount, but it’s not listed online. If you’re a member of the military, you can receive a discount when you purchase your cycling sunglasses from Pit Viper.

Smith Uproar: The brand’s performance line of sunglasses includes the Pit Viper polarized cycling sunglasses. These sunglasses are lightweight and feature snug arms and interchangeable Megol nose pads. Choose from a wide range of colors, from white to black, from six different temple colors to eight color choices. The HC Fusion Mirror Lens: These sunglasses are perfect for sunny or partly cloudy days, allowing plenty of contrast while offering low VLT.

clear frame sunglasses

When Pit Viper launched its first cycle-specific sunglasses, it was with a mission to give cyclists more options. The lightweight frame and rubber earpads helped make them comfortable and breathable. The polarized side-view and removable side shields meant they would not fog or fall off. They also remained lightweight and easy to carry and fit perfectly under a helmet. Now, they are the must-have cycling accessory.

With a focus on safety and protection, Pit Viper’s clear frame sunglasses are sure to attract the attention of cyclists. ANSI Z87+ safety rating and a redesigned nose and ear piece ensure that these glasses will not slide off your face. The 14.1% light transmission rate is perfect for mountain biking. Pit Viper also sells clear frame sunglasses that have a brown look through.

Pit Viper’s new design includes a fanny pack that is highly functional and stylish. It was initially marketed for enduro riders, but it may soon become an essential cycling accessory for city riders as well. The fanny pack is designed by Buck Products in Montana and has enough space for four tall boys. It is also waterproof and stain resistant. The rumpshaker is a great value at $49, thanks to its colorful webbing and Pit Viper patterns.