Have Fun with Pit Viper Double Wide Sunglasses

Pit Viper unique sunglasses

Pit Viper double wide sunglasses aren’t just for adults, they are also a great gift for any kid who loves outdoor sports. These unique sunglasses are built to last and can be shot at, pushed in pockets, or run over. To give them the ultimate protection, they have a rugged style that matches the lifestyle of their wearers.

Pit Viper Baseball Sunglasses for Kids

Kids who love baseball should have a pair of Pit Viper baseball sunglasses. These sunglasses have high-quality construction, therefore, they are very durable. These Pit Viper sunglasses baseball style comes in a variety of colors and are available in polarized or safety versions. Moreover, Pit Viper also offers interchangeable lenses.

Pit Viper baseball sunglasses are applying impact-resistant poly carbonate and 1.2mm thick lenses. They offer 100% UV protection and a Z87+ impact and chemical resistance rating. Pit Viper double wide sunglasses are comfortable to wear and fit securely, as a result, they are the best baseball sunglasses. Pit Viper Miami Nights have both polarized and non-polarized lenses. This means that your child won’t have any problems seeing the game or taking a foul pitch.

The rounded shapes of these clear frame sunglasses make them an ideal choice for small faces. They can adapt to fit the kids’ face shape. In addition, these sunglasses will protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV rays and don’t scratch or break lenses.

Various Styles of Pit Viper Shades

If you’re looking for a gift for a baseball fan, a pair of Pit Viper Absolute Freedom is ideal. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. But before you choose the perfect pair of kids’ baseball sunglasses, make sure you look for certain features. If you have a child who loves sports, you will want to consider buying him a pair of Pit Viper XS sunglasses. The Pit Viper XS Sunglasses collection is adjustable and durable, which makes them ideal for children.

Kids are very susceptible to the sun and its harmful rays, especially their sensitive skin. Pit Viper Yankee Noodle can protect your child from sun damage and burns. They also provide maximum visibility and clear lenses that cover 95% of the visible spectrum. They are also a great option for protecting kids’ eyes from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Pit Vipers polarized

Pit Viper Goggles for Athletes

The company originally made Pit Viper ski goggles and glasses for skiers, and now offers four different styles for kids. They are durable and attractive, and measure about 4.9 inches in width and two inches in height. Although they are great for young children, they are suitable older kids, as well.

These polarized Pit Vipers are useful in areas with highly reflective surfaces. They are also useful for water sports, fishing, and playing on the beach. This lens style is great for children who will be playing in the snow and on the beach. Besides, they can also block ultraviolet rays.

Durable Pit Viper Sunglasses

Pit Viper is creating fashionable, functional, and durable black square sunglasses. Its range of styles and materials are suitable for outdoor activities, sports, and partying. Moreover, Pit Viper double wide sunglasses are applying high-quality, durable materials that can withstand a beating.

Kids have sensitive skin that is easily damaged by the sun. Their daily activities and playtime outdoors are often exhausting, which is why they need protective eyewear. The lightweight frame and wide lenses of Ronnie Mac Pit Vipers make them ideal for active kids. Moreover, these sunglasses also feature a temple system that’s easy to adjust. As a result, kids can easily wear them without any problems.