Durable Pit Viper 2000 Sunglasses

Pit Viper polarized shades

One of the most impressive features of Pit Viper 2000 is their Z87+ polycarbonate lenses. These high-tech lenses provide 100% UV protection and an impact rating of 2.2mm. Not only are they durable, they also offer a Z87+ rating against chemicals and dust. This is especially important for sports such as skiing, where the elements are aplenty.

Pit Viper Snow Sports Sunglasses

Another feature of the Pit Viper glasses is its ability to stay on the surface of the water for a few seconds. It’s no wonder that they’re the polarized sunglasses of choice for snowboarders and skiers. Besides, their small but impressive size means that they are ideal for kids.

Regardless of what you plan to wear these sunglasses for, they’re built to last. The design features a lightweight, rubber ear pad and side shields for extra comfort. Moreover, the Pit Viper 2000 sunglasses are float-resistant, so they won’t fall out of your eyes. Pit Viper’s size chart is a great resource for finding the perfect pair. However, you should not assume that a pair with a big lens will give you better vision. In fact, larger lenses can provide more protection for your eyes.

Stylish Pit Vipers for Kids

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of eyewear for your kids, you can’t go wrong with the Pit Viper XS. Their cool-looking designs come from independent artists from across the globe. From the Grand Prix to the Merika Pit Viper, you’ll find something to please just about any taste in eyewear.

Merika Pit Viper sunglasses offer a great combination of style and performance. These Pit Viper 2000 goggles are perfect for a variety of activities, whether you’re on a fishing boat, running a trail, or hitting the beach. For the best performance, make sure your sunglasses are using the proper material. Pit Viper Exciters are a good choice, as they offer complete UV protection. Additionally, you should also measure your face to ensure you purchase the appropriate size.

redneck sunglasses Viper

Multiple Colors and Shapes

With their wide selection of colors and shapes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Pit Viper 2000 for your child. Whether they’re into snowboarding, surfing or just enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the beach, these Pit Viper goggles are the perfect accessory to keep them safe and happy.

You can find the perfect pair of these Viper shades in a range of colors and sizes. They’re made with a lightweight plastic, so they’re ideal for a variety of situations. And they’re not just for the beach; they’re ideal for a variety of outdoor sports, including skiing, hiking, biking, and rollerblading.

Top Quality Pit Viper Frames

For a pair of sunglasses to rival the stars, you can’t go wrong with the Pit Viper Miami Nights. Not only are they cool looking, they’re also functional. Whether you’re playing in the rain or sunburned and the beach, these shades are tough to beat. In addition, the Pit Viper 2000 sunglasses are durable enough to withstand your rough and tumble.

The best part? These Viper sun glasses ideal for both adults and kids, and they come in all colors and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect shade. Furthermore, while the name may be a mouthful, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s privacy. Moreover, they’re also resistant to salt water and wind. If you’re into sports and the outdoors, there’s no better way to keep your kid happy and safe than to get them a pair of these Viper sunglasses. Therefore, stop in at your local store and check out the selection today!